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An overview




A lifestyle, a way of being.

A dream and a project, a piece of paradise on Earth.

Nature, sport, art, luxury and "piazzette"


An overview

The name

Poltu Rutundu, Portorotondo in the spelling of the toponym chosen by the founders.

Glam, one of the top destinations of Gallura, together with Porto Cervo, in the north-eastern coast of Sardinia. An elite summer residence, always chosen for its character of exclusivity and glamour.

Where is it?

Porto Rotondo is among the most important settlements of the North Sardinia.

Porto Rotondo is a fraction of Olbia, a few kilometers from Golfo Aranci, Palau and Arzachena. Like a small jewel, between the gulfs of Cugnana and Marinella, in just 500 hectares of territory and with a well-equipped tourist Marina with 800 berths, this refined village born as a bet in 1962, for an ambitious project. This project has turned into one of the most exclusive destinations of the jet set, profoundly transforming an area of ​​Gallura that had until then been sparsely populated.

Villas hidden in the macchia mediterranea, among lush parks, granite rocks and breathtaking views, prestigious residences, exclusive clubs, hotels and apartments that gravitate around the Marina.

Knowing Porto Rotondo
A bit of history.


The foundation of Porto Rotondo is linked to two Venetian brothers, Luigi and Nicolò Donà dalle Rose. Two pioneers and two precursors, references of an initiative carried out by a group of entrepreneurs who want to transform the natural, easily accessible and sheltered harbor, - an ancient Roman port for the trade of Sardinian granite - into an exclusive regular destination for the jet set which found in Porto Rotondo that simple nature but at the same time sophisticated that was so appreciated.

An ambitious project, with daring beginnings and pioneering conditions. In the years when Prince Karim Aga Khan gives life to the Costa Smeralda, the Counts Donà dalle Rose concentrate on this natural inlet with breathtaking beauty, to transform it into a Marina and a village standing out for exclusivity, for art and cultural activities, with an e sought-after architecture which remembers - with a nostalgic appeal - Venice (think of the name of the famous Piazzetta San Marco) and meet the criteria of Mediterranean architecture.

A dream comes true from the operational base of the Abi d'oru hotel (https://www.hotelabidoru.it/it/), with the construction of Sporting (http://www.sportingportorotondo.net), animated by the jet set and high finance, by intellectuals and artists, up to the creation of Porto Rotondo, a new destination for a summer retreat, between art and nature, unique.

To safeguard the exceptional nature of this location, a consortium has been established since 1969. The port was built in 1978, absolute excellence that since 1985 has hosted the Yacht Club of Porto Rotondo, a prestigious venue for sailing and social events. Since 2007 the Porto Rotondo Foundation has protected and promoted the artistic heritage of this jewel of Gallura.

Living Porto Rotondo
What to do?

Nature, sport, art, worldly luxury and "piazzette"

Porto Rotondo was born following a dream, making it an exclusive and refined refuge, a port and a village that became a center for artists and intellectuals of the time. So it grows following the inspiration of its founders who call exponents of the Italian twentieth century of the caliber of Andrea Cascella and Giancarlo Sangregorio, to which Mario Ceroli will soon be added to express his artistic genius in this highly personal, cultural milieu thanks to the knowledge of local workers such as masters Sardinian stonemasons, keepers of a centenary tradition.

Art has left its mark everywhere, even just living Porto Rotondo, the signs are captured walking through shops, boutiques and suggestive views as in the alleys of the Casbah or going down to the “New dock”, to stop and sip something fresh or enjoy local specialties in one of its squares. In a succession of granite boulders and between nuragic art heritage, symbols and suggestive views of this breathtaking inlet will welcome you and surprise you.


Designed by the sculptor Andrea Cascella (1919-1990), winner of the legendary Venice Biennale of 1964, the forge of the revival of the contemporary art world


It's 1967. Giancarlo Sangregorio (1925-2013) carves stone by stone in a small fjord coming from the port,"It's like when you throw a stone into the sea and the concentric rings become wider and wider",


Designed by Andrea Cascella and Mario Ceroli, glass and wood, stone and marble, in the heart of Porto Rotondo, as a point of reference for the civil life of the whole community. Open to the Mistral, with a megalithic cross, a treasure chest of symbols and rites.

The BELL TOWER (2008) bold work by Mario Ceroli based on a design by the architect G. Fini.

MARIO CEROLI THEATER inspired by the Greco-Roman theater conceived by Mario Ceroli and created by the architects G. Fini and M. Sotgiu, in axis with the church of San Lorenzo, at the Piazza San Marco and the port. Testimony of the project of the "ideal city" Porto Rotondo, a space conceived for art and a place of memories, with references to the highest moments of human civilization.

The FOOD CHAIN, mosaic in via del Molo, the work of the Breton artist Emmanuel Chapalain (2007) which makes the "rubbish" unique, especially when in the evening the eyes of the fish, made in Murano glass, return fascinating flashes between the materials used (rough granite, yellow sandstone, red porphyry, gray basalt, Orosei marble).

Not only architectural and artistic jewels, Porto Rotondo is nature, it is the sea!

Generous, unspoiled, breathtaking.

Beaches of indescribable beauty will surprise you with the thousand shades of crystal clear water and the incredible variety of the Gallura coasts, where there is no glimpse equal to the other. Fauna, colors and scents are constantly changing while remaining unmistakably, Sardinian. That wild, strong and overwhelming beauty that makes this coast unique.

And the intensity, the passion.


  • Ira beach

It is the first of the beaches in the Gulf of Cugnana. It is located just before the entrance to Porto Rotondo. Large car park about a hundred meters from the beach, easily accessible on foot. White and very fine sand that contrasts with the intense color of the turquoise waters. Low sandy bottoms make it particularly suitable for families with children. There are several bathing establishments that offer all services, including a residence, restaurant and pizzeria.

  • Rudargia
  • Shirley Bassey
  • Sassi beach

On the road that goes from Porto Rotondo center to Punta Volpe, the Sassi beach is the favorite of the round holders. Fine sand, shallow waters, entry into easy water and turquoise water. Parking nearby. It is also known as the T-Beach, or Tartarughino Beach. The sunset is unforgettable.

  • Seaweed beach

Fine sand with the presence of posidonia, a marine plant whose presence testifies to the purity and healthiness of the water. The rocky seabed and the inlets that surround it make this beach particularly suitable for underwater activities. Deckchair and umbrella rental services are available.

  • Marinella

Protected from the west winds, it is one of the most popular beaches in the Porto Rotondo area. It can be reached by taking the road from Porto Rotondo to Marinella, turning left immediately after entering the park of the Hotel Abi d’Oru.

Fine and white sand for hundreds and hundreds of meters, low sandy bottoms and a turquoise sea. Equipped with all services and well-organized bathing establishments, hotels, restaurants and pizzerias.

  • Hruska

Immediately after Shirley Bassey beach, before Punta Volpe, with white sand and crystal clear sea.

Porto Rotondo has been a reference for sports for decades,

just think of the competitive events of excellence that gravitate around the historic Yacht Club of Porto Rotondo (http://www.ycpr.it). This is the venue for sporting and cultural events since 1985, such as the Solaris Cup or The O'Game Offshore Trolling, Big Game, deep sea fishing events, among the most relevant and spectacular in the Mediterranean.

Mundanity, glam life

Restaurants, clubs, boutique for shopping, immersed in the narrow streets and squares. The walk is a must, if only to admire the beautiful shop windows and enjoy the summer evenings. For dinner there are many excellent restaurants and for those who want to experience the magical night of Porto Rotondo, a wide choice of very popular discos and lively clubs with good music and atmosphere.

CHOOSE Porto Rotondo
Why choose Porto Rotondo?

Sea, art, nightlife and sport.

Regular destination for the jet set, a stunning location with a host of shops, restaurants and nightclubs, where you can also enjoy a range of water sports.

To experience the sea in a glamorous way, to shop, to walk on human-sized piers among breathtaking views and architectural jewels that have respected the beauty of Sardinia, to discover amazing beaches, to follow the season of shows between squares and amphitheater .

Because Portorotondo (all attached not by chance ...) is a lifestyle, a way of being ... The innate elegance of this location lies in the atmosphere that still persists, that casual refinement, safe and self-deprecating. The so-called "portorotondità", a way of living discreet, conscious luxury, without transcending good taste, with a sobriety that avoids excesses and seeks prestige, true elegance. Without ever taking yourself too seriously.

It seems that at the Yacht Club "something interesting always happens" and that in the Sporting Hotel the sheets of the most beautiful women in the world are preserved as hedonistic relics ... why choose Porto Rotondo? Because Porto Rotondo is not for everyone.




TOP 10

Piazza San Marco and the old dock

The Mario Ceroli Theater


The Nuraghe of Punta Nuraghe

The market of Porto Rotondo

The glam Movida

The yacht club, with the Big Game and the regattas

The Porto Rotondo bookshop

Ira beach

And...us! see you soon


Services and transport
How to get



Direct connections with the Costa Smeralda Airport - Olbia: www.geasar.it

from Milan: 1h

from Rome: 1h

from Paris: 2h

from London: 2h

The Marina https://www.portorotondo.eu/IT/marina/


To know more




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